The Legacy to Improve your Golf Swing

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The Joe Norwood golf swing will allow you to improve your golf gameimprove your golf swinglearn a golf swing that you can control, play better golf and have a basic golf swing that you will know and understand. Golf Swing Training is available from myself as well as golf swing coaching. You will have a single plane swing as well as the knowledge to teach golf to others.  Online golf lessons are available to those who commit to the Joe Norwood Golf Swing. You will have a classic golf swing put together from the legendary golfers of the past. You'll enjoy hitting a straight golf ball.


Build your swing so that you hit the fairway with every drive, hit the green with every approach shot and have a 20 foot or less birdie putt on every hole. Provide you with a swing that gives you knowledge to apply the principles of the swing so that you can feel the applications and take the swing to the golf course or driving range and use the judgment necessary to play your best without having to be concerned about what and how you are doing. Good Golf is Acquired and it is my passion to provide you with the tools you'll need.

​         I know what you just heard sounds impossible. Well, you’re not alone! But it's true.

         The Joe Norwood Golf Swing began in 1886 when Alexander Findlay became the 1st  person to    
         score a 72 in competition and he did it in Montrose, Scotland. That's comparable to a 
         professional today scoring 56. Findlay had 19 putts.

        Walter J. Travis, Harry Vardon, Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and Bruce Crampton all      
        contributed their best attributes as seen by Joe Norwood.

         Joe Norwood analyzed these great players and added their best attributes into his swing.

         Joe Norwood dissected the human anatomy to find out how these innovations worked.
         Joe Norwood concieved a universal golf swing in which everyone can play, everyone can adapt
         at least some portions of his swing to improve their playing experience. 

         Through discipline, commitment and the use of Golf-O-Metrics you can begin to start playing the
         game of golf instead of playing at the game of golf. 

         Joe Norwood taught golf for 80 years from 1910 to 1990. He was known as the pros-pro during the
         1920's through the 1950's. He started the Los Angeles Open, was the last living charter member
         of the Southern California Section of the PGA. He was head professional for 25 years at the 
         prestigous Los Angeles Country Club and he would teach anyone how to swing.  

  • oAlexander Findlay who taught Joe the basic inside out golf swing.
  • oWalter Travis who taught Joe the right elbow which is the compass on which this swing is aligned.
  • oBobby Jones who played with the grip that Joe Norwood taught.
  • oSam Snead who gave Joe the best sitting action ever seen.
  • oBen Hogan who gave Joe his left arm extension.
  • oBruce Crampton who gave Joe his high finish.
  • oJoe Norwood who gave us his cross lateral – non rotational weight shift.

The natural golf swing is composed of many moving parts because the body takes the path of least resistance. Moving the wrists, the legs, the lower body involves so many parts of the human anatomy that it is virtualy impossible to have a consistent swing. And then we all try to swing like the professional players who have mastered the art of error by having a fantastic short game. This is why golf has been and still is so difficult because we have become convinced that error is perfection. 

Every good professional in every endeavor must go through training. You have to train your subconscious to control your body so that when you play you won't be thinking about your swing. This swing does not begin with feel. It begins with knowledge and the knowledge just keeps coming. The great thing about this swing is that it doesn't change for each golfer. This swing does not adjust around you, you adjust around the swing. 

As time moves forward the adjustments begin to take hold a you begin to really play this game. 

Good Golf is Acquired – Begin your journey towards better golf with an 80$ INVESTMENT by purchasing the book Golf-O-Metrics & the DVD The Anatomy of Golf. 

You won’t be left alone to do this by yourself. I am here to help.

Poor Golf is a Gift 
Good Golf is Acquired