Teachers really don't tell you much on their websites : Joe Norwood Golf Swing Book 2 excerpts

Teachers really don't tell you much on their websites

by Daniel Norwood on 11/14/13

I just left a website for a prominent instructor in the South and his Facebook post was "The Perfect Swing". I looked at it and saw so many flaws that, although he is quite sufficient, this perfect swing would eventually lead to disaster. So many parts of his body were in movement that, what he believes, his just not something that can be taught to the masses.

So I start to hit on the links and everything is for sale but nothng is evidenced by true instruction. Sign up for a lesson, buy a DVD, buy a book, buy, buy and buy with only the modest amount of information to be gleened. So I go to his blog and there is no instruction whatsoever.

I then move over to the testimonials and all I read is individual information. Disect and determine the exact finger print of a golf swing and then, of course, come back for more.

This golf instructor will live his life out having helped a few but there will be no golf swing named after him for his posterity. His teachings will fade into the wind as so many before him and him imprint on golf instruction will be minimal at best.

He has, like so many, taken on the posture to build individual castles that have no foundation unless you are with him. He is like most of the teaching establishment who preach and provide help but only for those who can afford to come to him. This does not help the majority of golfers in the world of golf today.

This is why I am so blessed. I bring the golf swing to those who will listen and it is a universal golf swing that all can play.Yes, it's hard to believe but not by those who take it up and do the exercises or golf-o-metrics. It is, however, like running into a brick wall. The teaching community cannot articulate their swing and will not believe in a swing that can be taught to all.


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