A new era in the Joe Norwood Golf Swing : Joe Norwood Golf Swing Book 2 excerpts

A new era in the Joe Norwood Golf Swing

by Daniel Norwood on 11/13/13

The Joe Norwood Golf Swing is moving forward. My vision is to teach you a golf swing. This golf swing is designed to provide you with Golf-O-Metric exercises which can be construed as a golf swing drill. My goal is not only to improve your golf swing but to make the game of golf a much easier game to play. Joe Norwood was one of the great golf swing trainers of his time his search for a universal golf swing was completed in the mid 1960's. He was a teacher to the professional players and to golfers of all abilities. His goal was to provide you a golf swing so you can learn it and teach yourself. This is a universal golf swing. Universal means that it is for everyone. The golf swing is the same from the Driver to the Putter and as you move forward in your quest to play better golf you will soon realize this swing offers everything you'll ever need.

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Welcome to my page dedicated to the 2nd book to be published on the Joe Norwood Golf Swing. Golf-O-Metrics will not be republished in its current form. I will convert it to a PDF file when all the books are sold. The 1st editing of the 2nd book was completed in 2013 and is still a work in progress. The words in black either standard or bold are all from GOM and my Clarifications are in Blue, Brown or Green.  GOM tried to bring forth Joe Norwood's knowledge. Book II is an upgrade and clarification of his swing and knowledge. I hope you'll enjoy and learn