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        The Anatomy of Golf by Joe Norwood

This 113 minute video enhances Golf-O-Metrics. 16 chapters are created so you can watch the entire video or focus on one chapter continuously. Joe takes you through the grip, Hogan's left arm, Vardon's downward move, Joe's own cross lateral move, some Golf-O-Metrics and the putting stroke that started it all. The Walter J. Travis method of putting with the right elbow. 

Then you are treated to a golf lesson given by Joe Norwood to Dan Norwood as he does the moves and holds as taught by Joe Norwood. 

This DVD finishes with a golf lesson taught to Joe Norwood by Alexander Findlay when he was a child. This "3 Minutes from Scotland" lesson is over 130 years old and Joe takes Dan through the moves as if it were 1880. 

The short game and the Crampton finish are also explained and shown in detail. 
Golf-O-Metrics by Joe Norwood

Golf-O-Metrics is a “How To” instructional book. 

There are 21 chapters in this 138 page book. Each chapter is so compacted with information that you'll want to re-read them continuously. Joe starts with the premise that his swing can be repeated consistently, that you'll be able to hit the ball straight on purpose. That almost everyone can tell you what to do but Joe Norwood can tell you and show you how it is done, not by theory but by facts with physical isometric exercises call Golf-O-Metrics.

As you read more you'll notice the chapter about the facts of the JNGS. The same grip is used on all clubs from the driver to the putter. All the parts are to be disciplined and all the moves to be made the same in all shots.

You'll learn the importance of the right elbow from the smallest putt to the longest drive and how to use it through Golf-O-Metrics provided in the book.

Joe's swing is horizontal back and vertical down. His swing comprises two half circles and a piston action of the shoulders to drive depth into the swing. His hands are sealed at the beginning of the stance as well as the hips being locked into position so that only the arms and shoulders move during the backswing. Add to this the Joe Norwood, non rotational, crosslateral move and the plane of his swing keeps the club head on track for over 30 inches both behind the ball and after impact.

Joe takes you into the sealed wrists that only the likes of Ben Hogan achieved and Joe shows you how to achieve it through Golf-O-Metrics. He brings to you the four positions of his golf swing and provides Golf-O-Metrics for you to control your body. 

As you move through the book you'll come to the chapters about the grip, the seal of the wrists, Hogan's left arm, the prop, Joe's crosslateral move, Position 1, Position 2, Position 3 and Position 4.

Then as you begin to understand his swing training method you'll be treated to his methods and discussions on the short game, pitch and run shot, chip shot, lob shot and putting technique as he learned it from the greatest putter of his time Walter J. Travis. 

The final 13 pages, although devoted to the short game, contain so much information and the coming together of his swing. Since the swing is the same, whether putting or driving, you get to hear him talk about the nuances of his swing as he discusses the short game.  The final page on putting tells you how to hood the club, something Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson felt during their best play.

This book is a must have as the DVD does not tell the full story. The DVD enhances the book, without the book the DVD can tell only part of the story. 

Resources are available to answer any and all questions relating to Golf-O-Metrics and the (JNGS) Joe Norwood Golf Swing.  The Joe Norwood Golf Swing Forum as well as the Facebook Joe Norwood Golf Swing Training Site and the Norwood Golf YouTube videos are all available to you absolutely free. 

Give this swing a try. Contact me through my resources and create an enjoyable playing experience for life.

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