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We guarantee you knowledge. Knowledge is priceless and you will see it all around you as you immerse yourself into this golf swing. Applying the knowledge is the next step in the process. There is no need for guesswork because the road map is already paved with the knowledge you need. No guessing! How great is that! As the golf swing aid process moves forward, Feel becomes your teacher because Knowledge and Application have already taken root in your mind. Missed shots will come and go because you will know how to recover. Each time you recover and make a good swing you will (once again) train your subconscious to swing properly. As you practice in the Feel stage there will be no need for thought because instantaneously your mind will react and adjust because you’ll have the knowledge.

As you move forward in this swing process all thought about your swing will evaporate because you’re feeling the knowledge. Each time you do your GOM’s you will stretch ever more into this swing. And finally judgment is utilized. This is where you really play golf. Judgment without feel, without application, without knowledge is not judgment at all. It is guessing. Just think of it No More Guessing! No more wondering! No more looking for another way because you will have found the way.

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Knowledge is the Key 
Application is the Process
Feel is the Success
Judgment is the Score
The Joe Norwood Golf Swing Promise

No gimmicks, no fads, just a great swing. In fact you're going to find so much free help with my other resources that it should impress upon you that I am serious about my mission to build your golf swing.  I promise you knowledge about this swing. I promise I will not abandon you to find this swing yourself. I promise in-depth training resources to assist you. I promise one swing, one method & one consistent golf swing. Please click on this link to the Legacy to Improve Your Golf Swing.

I was at my local driving range and saw one of the employees shooing a duck away from the local tee area. The range I practice and give swing training at is a water range so their are lots of ducks hanging around or in the water. As our conversation continued he commented on the tragedies many ducks come to because they get hit with a golf ball so he really works to protect them. 

He then went on to talk about a friend of his who was hit in the head with a golf ball and the consequences could have been catastrophic had the ball hit an inch in either direction.

I lightened things up by saying; That's a good reason to keep the ball in the middle of the fairway and on the green at all the Par 3's

The Joe Norwood Golf Swing will keep you in the middle of the fairway and on the greens at the par 3's
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